How to Join

The easy, automatic process is identical for both Identity Providers (IDPs) and Service Providers

  1. Complete the registration form.
  2. Upon confirmation you will receive an email with the IIF Policies attached. Sign the Policy document and send the policy to the IUCC Identity Federation Manager
  3. The IIF Manager will review the request and authenticity of the information.
  4. You will receive instructions on how to register and upload your IDP metadata by email
  5. You will receive notification that your registration and upload has been completed
  6. Your IDP metadata will appear on the IIF website
  7. Full scale operation

The IUCC Identity Federation (IIF), is part of eduGAIN, the GEANT inter-federation service that connects many research and education identity federations worldwide. eduGAIN uses a Single Sign-ON (SSO) architecture. By joining IIF, you will be granted the ability to access all the systems and services of eduGAIN, while keeping your current academic user identity. This is not an automatic right of access to Provider Member’s Services; many of these services require authorization and are only open to a specific communities (e.g. in order to access scientific data or remotely operate scientific instruments).

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