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The IUCC Identity Federation (IIF) unites Israeli academic and research institutions connected via IUCC in a united federation with a common infrastructure. These institutions and service providers, as identity providers, enable their users access to online services available within the federation, and can in turn, turn their applications into services to share with other members.

By connecting to this global network of REFEDs (Research & Education Federations), local IIF members can seamlessly connect and collaborate with colleagues across the globe via a pan-European Web Single Sign On (Web SSO). Being a part of the IUCC Israel Identity Federation ensures users trustworthy and secure identity, authentication and authorization, locally and in collaboration with partners around the world.

Simplified registration
The IIF simplifies administration. Institutions are responsible only for their own users’ accounts. All that is needed is a single, one-time, internal registration.

Unique login
Users receive a unique login ID from their institution. This login ID offers quick and easy access to all the different web applications and services provided by IIF and its service providers. Users do not need to keep track of multiple user names and passwords for all the services they wish to use.

High availability
Users can not only use the service while at home, but also when travelling or visiting another federated institution.

More efficient service
As a member of IIF, institutions can reach a larger academic audience with more services, and users enjoy a more diverse service portfolio.

Join the IUCC Identity Federation
Register online and our team will process your application or contact our team at info@iif.iucc.ac.il or call 03-6460567

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