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Research and Education Federations (REFEDs) articulate the mutual needs of research and education identity federations worldwide. REFEDs represent the requirements of research and education in the ever-growing space of access and identity management, working with and influencing the direction of organizations such as Kantara, OIX and Identity Commons on behalf of its participants.

REFEDs come from a wide range of backgrounds, but all share an interest in developing access and identity management technology, policies and processes. Many participants represent national identity federations and many come from National Research and Education Networks (NRENS). The IUCC Identity Federation is operated by IUCC, the Israeli NREN.

The IUCC Identity Federation is part of eduGAIN (Education and Global Authentication Infrastructure), the GEANT inter-federation service that connects many research and education identity federations worldwide, simplifying access to content, services and resources for the global research and education community.


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