Who is it for?

The IUCC Identity Federation is the ideal solution for a wide range of organizations.

Academic Institutions
With a single access mechanism, all your users get access to online resources supporting alliances, research collaboration, consortia and shared services. Users can use the credentials issued by your institution to access REFEDs enabled websites and benefit from a personalized and persistent experience, with privacy features that put the user in control.

Research or Service Collaborations
If you are establishing an online service that will be used by multiple institutions, IIF provides the ideal way to authorize access by user, role or institution without having to issue usernames/passwords or other credentials. Most research projects are collaborations and when it comes to hosting collaborative tools or sharing documents and data, the IIF enables the hosting partner to seamlessly control and grant access to project content.

Clubs, Societies and Student Unions
By federating your club or society, you can control or restrict access to valid campus users without requiring support from campus IT departments for access to user databases. For student unions, and similar organizations, the IIF enables online voting or polling that can authenticate valid users without exposing campus credentials or personal information.

Publishers can provide users with a consistent and personalized experience regardless of location or device. Single-Sign-On improves the end-user experience and reduces the frequency of prompts for campus credentials and enables global access to subscribed resources.

Facilities Managers
Suppliers and service providers can interact with campus users for parking management, physical access management, catering or sports facilities. The IIF provide a secure way to validate staff and student status. Self-service online access cards or tokens can be issued reducing paperwork.

Cloud Security
The IIF is built on the open SAML federated access standard that is used in the financial services, aerospace and government eID and provides Single-Sign-On without the inherent risks associated with synchronizing user credentials or exposing directory services to applications that are hosted in the cloud.

Directory and IT Managers
Enables use of campus directory credentials to access external IIF enabled websites from anywhere, while protecting the campus directory and user credentials from unnecessary and potentially harmful searches or use on websites beyond your control.

Government agencies can seamlessly and securely validate student status or expand reach of e-Government services to students, such as grants and Income Tax credits.

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